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Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations. And such popularity is justified. The unusual structure of the village on the water is riddled with canals and rests on 118 islands of Italy. Venice has hardly changed in 600 years of existence. This place creates a special atmosphere and allows you to immerse yourself in history. Renting a bus with a driver in Venice will help you not to miss interesting places. The bus can accommodate from 20 to 80 seats, which allows you to go around the maximum number of attractions even with a large cheerful company. Let's take a closer look at what attracts travelers to this unusual city. The number of cathedrals is amazing, they seem to have descended from the pages of historical books. Bus tours in Venice will allow you to visit all the popular museums and masterpieces of architecture in a short time. St. Mark's Cathedral - a thirty-story bell tower and a squat building behind it, the complex was erected in the 9th century. The basilica represents all the wealth of the city of those times. The building combines Gothic and Byzantine styles of architecture. The walls are covered with medieval mosaics, the altar behind the tomb of St. Mark is made of gold and covered with precious stones. On the bell tower there is an observation deck where tourists are taken by elevator. Architecture lovers will not miss seeing the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute. The white stone building has a massive dome and dates back to the seventeenth century. The cathedral is located at the junction of the Venetian Lagoon and the Grand Canal. A church was built in worship of the Holy Virgin Mary after being saved from the plague, which raged for almost 2 years and claimed the lives of 30% of the city's population. Art connoisseurs will like the works of Titian presented in the cathedral and the paintings on the ceiling. You can enjoy the painting of the Renaissance in the Ca' d'Oro Palace, where the Franchetti Museum is located. The 15th century building houses exhibits of ceramics, sculptures and antiques.

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The way to feel all the romance of Venice is by boat trips along the Grand Canal. Renting a minivan with a driver in Venice will help you get to convenient landing points for a walk along the waterway that runs through the central streets from St. Mark's Cathedral to the Church of Santa Chiara. On both sides of the canal there are buildings of the Gothic and Romanesque styles, the architecture of the Renaissance. The canals are crossed by 4 bridges. The Rialto Bridge was built in 1591 to replace a collapsed wooden crossing. For several centuries, the only way to cross the canal on foot was over this bridge. Using hourly bus rental you can visit such an attraction as the Doge's Palace. During the reign of the Doge, the palace was the residence of the head and the administrative center. An interesting fact about the time of construction. The eastern part of the building, directed towards the Ril di Palazzo, was erected from 1301 to 1340, the western wing overlooking St. Mark's Square took 110 years to build, and was completed in 1450. Passing a tour of this palace, it is recommended to visit not only the main halls, but also hidden passages, secret rooms, torture chambers, all this will plunge you into the Middle Ages.
Another place that creates the general mood of the city is the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, separated from the main and only Piazza San Marco by a lagoon. The island is dominated by a 16th-century cathedral designed by the architect Andrea Palladio. The conspicuous facade of the building is finished with white marble, the altar of the cathedral is decorated with the well-known creations "The Last Supper" and "The Fall of Manna". Tourists are allowed to climb the bell tower, which offers a view of the surroundings. The city is distinguished by unusual markets such as Rialto. The history of the market stretches for more than 700 years. It is visited for the sake of seafood, an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Various museums, exhibitions, theaters - all interesting places are difficult to visit in a short time, so it's worth planning excursions in advance. Bus companies in Venice, one of the important steps in planning a holiday for a family or group of friends. You can rent a transport with a large number of seats or a minibus with a capacity of 7 to 16 passengers. Such transport will help you easily get to the booked hotel from the airport. Popular and closest to the city is Marco Polo Airport, it is only 8 km away. The second most remote is Treviso Airport, 26 km separates the air harbor from the city. All shipments of the company are licensed and insured. Book in advance seats in comfortable comfortable buses. Experienced drivers are trained to transport large groups of people.