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Zurich is recognized as the largest city in Switzerland. The city is the Swiss capital of finance and insurance. But it is famous not only for economic activity and high prosperity of the population. The Swiss city was founded in 929 by the king of Bavaria, so it has a deep German past. Ancient traditions, Gothic architecture succinctly built into the modern metropolis, traces of Roman civilization, museums, fashion boutiques and entertainment centers - you can endlessly explore the Zurich space. Walking around the city is recommended to be combined with walks on transport - bus tours around Zurich will be an acceptable way. Switzerland is surrounded by European countries, its neighbors are Germany, France, Italy, Austria. The country has exclusively land borders, since it is located almost in the very heart of Europe. The absence of visas for EU residents and the convenient location make Switzerland incredibly popular. Zurich is conveniently located near the German border and has incredible transport accessibility. You can get to the city by bus, car, train or plane. Within the city agglomeration there is only one airport - Zurich Airport, known as Kloten Airport (Kloten). Europe prides itself on its compactness, so you can easily choose a convenient air flight to a neighboring city. Within a radius of 50 kilometers there are such airports as Amlikon, Sitterdorf, Wangen-Lachen, Buttwill, Birrfeld, Luzern-Beromunster and others.

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For those arriving in neighboring cities, hourly bus rentals are always available, which will quickly take you from the airport to your destination. It is important that renting a minivan with a driver in Zurich is a common practice not only among tourists. The Zurich agglomerate attracts groups of students, Europeans from neighboring countries, tourists from other continents, travelers, connoisseurs of architecture and European history. Bloggers, actors, musicians, businessmen, politicians also come here - to get to know the city and travel comfortably, they also turn to bus companies in Zurich. The bus type of transportation is incredibly popular in Europe, as a group of people can see the surroundings and sights in comfort and at a reasonable price. The bus window offers a great view of the streets of Zurich. It is important that there is something to look at here. Switzerland is an independent country and does not participate in major political or military alliances. There are no huge industrial quarters or dirty industries here. The state has long defeated poverty, landfills and controls the state of the environment. Therefore, the arrivals are embraced by a feeling of total security, they are met by a mild climate and a comfortable pace of life. The Alps, the Limmat River, Lake Zurich - the city is surrounded by natural objects, which are considered attractions in themselves. Interesting objects are scattered everywhere. For example, the Church of St. Peter was built in the 9th century. The Grossmünster is considered the main church, the towers of the Grossmünster against the backdrop of the Alps evoke incredible emotions among first-time visitors. Mount Uetliberg, the Rietberg Museum, the Schanzengraben Canal, the FIFA Football Museum, the Alliance Cinema, the Le Corbusier Architectural Center - hundreds of unique objects await their visitors. Attractions can be not only individual buildings, museums or parks. Zurich quarters are self-sufficient and also attract connoisseurs of tourism, recreation, art or architecture. Lindenhof is an area on the banks of the Limmat River, tourists visit it for the beautiful view and photographs. The Old Town keeps the memory of the Middle Ages. The picturesque streets, developed over thousands of years, are now used for tourist bus tours. Niederdorf is the heart of old Zurich with modern houses, accessible only on foot. Arrivals are advised to book the bus in Zurich in advance. This will allow you to build a route in a timely manner and plan visits to various objects. Guests of the city can use the services of a licensed carrier with a staff of experienced drivers and a fleet of modern and comfortable buses. For trips, minibuses with a capacity of 7 to 16 people are offered. For larger companies or delegations, buses are suitable, in which the number of seats starts from 20, the maximum number is 80. It is better to order a bus right now, since renting a bus with a driver in Zurich is a very necessary service.