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The city of Strasbourg, which has a long history, is one of the most beautiful in France and is deservedly called the capital of Europe. Even at the stage of planning a trip there, the question may arise, what is the most convenient way to travel, starting from arrival at the local international airport. Of course, some people prefer to get to the hotel by taxi, although you will have to spend a decent amount of money on the trip. The most comfortable and cost-effective option would be to rent a bus with a driver in Strasbourg, especially when visiting the city with a group of tourists. The choice of mode of transportation in a tourist trip depends on the amount of free time and the planned plan for popular destinations. If we are talking about the historic city center, there, like in many other European cities with a long history, they move more on foot, on bicycles, which are easy to rent at one of the many local rental points. Public transport is preferred by those wishing to feel the local flavor, to see the surrounding beauties with modern buildings from the window. If the trip is planned, and there is a firm intention to visit all popular attractions, bus tours around Strasbourg are better suited.

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Experts recommend starting excursions with a visit to the Old Town. The historic center is adorned with Kleber Square, which is associated by connoisseurs with many shops, fairs, and restaurants. When renting a minivan with a driver in Strasbourg, you should remember that there is predominantly pedestrian traffic here, and there is heavy traffic with frequent traffic jams on the road sections open to cars. If you can’t do without a car, you need to use the parking relay system. It allows you to leave the vehicle in one of the 8 parking lots located next to the tram tracks. After parking and receiving a special receipt, tourists are given the opportunity to get to the historical center by tram for free, and then return back to the car. Next, you should admire the beauties of Strasbourg Notre Dame, on the walls of which unique light shows are arranged in the evenings. For these purposes, bus companies in Strasbourg offer night tours, where an overview of the evening city is carried out, and in the light of lanterns, many historical monuments begin to play with new, unusual colors. Due to their large number on foot, you simply can’t have time to see everything, so it’s better to book a bus with a professional guide in advance. Then even from a short one-day trip it is easy to arrange a rich and exciting excursion that will be well remembered for a lifetime. And it is a great option for adults and families with children. If possible, you should definitely book a bus in Strasbourg. Practice shows that on the route in some places it is more convenient to travel by vehicle, while in others it is better to choose walking. For this, stops are provided along the route of comfortable buses. During them, fascinating photo shoots are arranged against the backdrop of museum beauties and other generally recognized attractions. The programs developed by travel agencies necessarily include the Rohan Palace, which is famous for the fact that Louis XV and Napoleon once stopped here. It is worth allocating time to visit the European Bridge, which connects Germany with France via the Rhine River. By the way, in addition to open ones, there are also covered bridges, reminiscent of unusual buildings hanging above the water. For many people, Strasbourg is invariably associated with the world center of human rights organizations, also available for visiting after prior arrangement. When looking at interesting places, tourists find themselves in the fabulous Petit France area with an endless variety of compact colorful houses made in the Baroque style and located between beautiful water channels. And in the vicinity of Strasbourg there are many interesting places. In order to have time to go around all of them, you can use a service such as hourly bus rental. Such tours include walks to wine farms, golf tours, a visit to the famous Europa-Park attraction located in Germany. There are no difficulties with crossing the border, and adults and children have the opportunity to experience vivid emotions. The villages of Alsace will allow you to enjoy the beauties of French nature, taste aromatic wines.