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Do you want to see many new places and learn the secrets of history? If your choice fell on Nuremberg, then here you will touch the fabulous world and amazing architecture. It is here that the Christmas market Christkindlesmarkt, revered all over the world, is held, a real fun not only for children, but also for adult travelers. You will definitely like the Nuremberg gingerbread, which gained fame throughout Germany. Visiting the city is an opportunity to learn interesting facts and touch history. You can get here through the Albrecht Dürer Airport. Many bus companies in Nuremberg offer their travel services. Each has a list of attractions included in the trip. To see the city in a few hours, you need to choose a type of transport that will be comfortable and accommodate the required number of people. And according to statistics, the bus of different occupancy is recognized as the best. Our company provides bus tours. You can choose to travel to many destinations. Bus tours around Nuremberg are available in any season and there are always additional bonuses. During group trips, you can make stops, adjust their duration. Snacks and hiking around the city are provided, so everything is aimed at active recreation. Depending on the group, a suitable transport is chosen (buses can accommodate from 20 to 80 people, minibuses from 7 to 16). Autoguide broadcasts information and reports interesting facts, various interpretations of a particular historical event. We have an hourly bus rental, so you can plan your time in relation to the budget allocated for the tour.

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We offer to make a lot of exciting trips around the old city. The tour includes trips to many places of interest. One of the revered places is the Nuremberg Fortress. If you look ahead, you can catch a look, towering above the rest of the buildings, Kaiserburg Castle. In the past, this was the most important residence of the emperor. The fortress walls surround the castle, reminiscent of the old difficult times. The charm of the whole city with red roofs is clearly visible from above. The Zinveltrum tower with an observation deck, built in the 14th century, is considered the main element in the defensive complex. From its peak you can see breathtaking panoramas of the city and its districts. The inner palace hides many secrets, which includes a deep well that dates back to the 12th century.
Renting a bus with a driver in Nuremberg is a good opportunity to drive around the memorable corners and see interesting places. During the trip, tourists will look at the facades of the Church of St. Lawrence. The structure is distinguished by two emerald spiers. The attraction dates back to the 15th century, but not only the architecture of this pearl of the city is interesting. For many, it is surprising that this is one of the first churches that began to preach Lutheranism. The Nuremberg Market Square continues the tour of the city. This point is located on the northern part of the river Pegnitz. The central square is included in many excursion routes due to its uniqueness. It is from here that you can view the church of St. Sebald, whose high towers rush far into the sky. The beautiful facade of the building attracts all tourists with its archaism. Another architectural heritage, the Church of the Virgin Mary, is of particular importance. It is especially popular during the Christmas markets and is popular throughout Europe. People come here in winter to feel like in a fairy tale. The place seems to be saturated with a magical spirit and an amazing atmosphere. Renting a minivan with a driver in Nuremberg will be of interest to fans of museum exhibitions. During the trip, you can visit the German National Museum, as well as the toy museum. And for admirers of history, the House of Albrecht Dürer will be shown. Here you will see how the great graphic artist, artist and engraver lived. The building has been repaired and rebuilt several times, but still retains its former style. Tucherov Castle has its own zest. When traveling to it, pay attention to the style of architecture. It simultaneously combines Gothic, French and Italian Renaissance notes. In the post-war years, the castle was partially destroyed. The historical building has recently been renovated and reconstructed. The butchers' bridge is also worthy of attention. He is attractive and attracts lovers. The bridge was created by master Wolf the Elder, making a double of the famous Rialto in Venice.
The city is fascinating, traveling through it brings a lot of pleasure. Don't forget to book your bus to Nuremberg in advance so you can plan your vacation in peace and not worry about the little things. We will provide transport of any capacity and select the best tour. Call us on the phone and write in the form on the site. We are waiting for your feedback!