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Traveling in a large company is more difficult to organize, as it will require choosing a vehicle suitable for tourism. The best bus companies in London offer transport from world manufacturers. Buses of various capacity (from 20 to 80 seats) allow you to comfortably fit in the cabin. For small groups, renting a minivan with a driver in London is the best solution. The carrier's fleet has a large selection of minibuses accommodating 7-16 passengers. All equipment offered for rent undergoes regular maintenance, is served in a clean, serviceable form. Buses are usually not older than 5 years, have visual appeal. The advantages of cars include a neat interior, the presence of a heater, comfortable seats with the ability to adjust the height of the backrest. Conveniently located, roomy luggage compartments allow you to neatly place things so that they do not occupy the aisle. Drivers have extensive experience in working with groups of people, a great driving experience. Serious companies carefully select personnel, monitor the fulfillment of contractual obligations, have all the necessary licenses, and issue insurance in a timely manner. These factors will make the journey safe and comfortable. When planning a trip to the capital of Great Britain, it is recommended to book a bus in London in advance. In this case, the transport company will promptly deliver the transport to the parking lot at the airport and the search for a taxi will become superfluous. Having chartered a car with a driver, a group of vacationers can independently choose places to stay, plan sightseeing tours, leave at a convenient time, and make stops at the places they like.

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Standard London bus tours do not have these benefits and are therefore less convenient. Renting a bus with a driver in London is more profitable than ordering a taxi, allowing the group to operate autonomously. Before calculating the rental price, the manager will need to clarify a number of details regarding the travel time and transport requirements. In some cases, it is more profitable to rent buses by the hour, which allows you to see a lot of city sights in a short time. To build your own route, you need to know about the main attractions of London. According to guides and experienced travelers, the famous Tower is a must-see. The fortress has a long history, sometimes served as a residence for the ruling monarch. The building of the former prison is now a museum, where royal diamonds and knightly armor are shown to visitors. St. Paul's Cathedral can be called a unique architectural monument. It is worth seeing the building, rebuilt in the 7th century, the dome of which is covered with lead slabs. It is impossible to ignore the London Eye - a Ferris wheel that lifts spectators to a height of 135 meters. The construction symbolizes the districts of the city, makes a complete revolution in half an hour. The Tower Bridge, which is only 100 years old, has become a kind of symbol of the capital. On the top level of the structure, guests can watch a realistic film of the construction of the bridge, experience strong emotions while walking along the glass floor walkway. Tourists are interested in Buckingham Palace - the residence of the royal family. The complex is a mini-city, covers an area of 20 hectares. Visiting the palaces is possible only in August-September, all year round you can watch the changing of the guard procedure. Tourists will be interested in Westminster Abbey, founded in the 11th century. It now houses the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Worthy of attention are the Royal Gardens of Kew. Here, on an area of 132 hectares, there are millions of plants representing different climatic zones. An interesting place is the Greenwich meridian. The whole area near the zero meridian is filled with history. Near the museum you can see the preserved ship "Cutty Sark", which sailed to China in the 19th century for tea. Near the famous Soho is Trafalgar Square, built to commemorate Nelson's victory. It is adjoined by the Church of St. Martin, the Admiralty Arch, making the place interesting for tourism. It is worth seeing the 97-meter Elizabethan tower with the widely advertised Big Ben. The capital of England is beautiful at any time of the year. There is a lot of free entertainment here, popular places that you need to pay to enter. When planning a new trip, one should not forget about comfort, weather conditions, renting a suitable vehicle in order to feel more confident in an unfamiliar environment.