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Dublin bus tours are a great way to get to know the city and surroundings in a short amount of time. Unlike independent trip planning, the option with a bus implies a high level of comfort and service, as well as attentiveness to the wishes of the client. Another advantage is a pre-planned trip, which will allow you to discover many new tourist places, cultural attractions. A person who prefers to book a bus in Dublin will already know well in advance of his arrival what to expect from this unforgettable trip. Bus companies in Dublin will help organize a comfortable and safe trip for both tourist groups and private clients. Travel planning becomes much easier, even if you have never been to this lovely European city before. Renting a bus with a driver in Dublin has many advantages. The most important of them is increased travel comfort and convenience. It's a great way to take the hassle out of finding a parking space, following strict local parking regulations, driving on an unfamiliar road with its own specifics, and finding your destination. Instead of all that can poison a real trip, it remains only to enjoy the tourist attractions with the group. To get the most out of your trip and stay in the city, the best option would be to rent buses by the hour. Drivers are experienced professionals with impressive driving experience. They are perfectly oriented in all European streets and suburban areas. In agreement with the driver, the group can make stops sufficient to get acquainted with the tourist place, feel its atmosphere, take enough pictures and buy all the necessary souvenirs.

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Travel planning usually starts from the nearest airports, in this direction travelers have only one option - Dublin Airport, located 15 km away. from the city. However, it has fairly convenient transport access to the city center. The sights of Dublin certainly have a rich history and are a reflection of the spirit of the city and culture. This city is unique in that it is a separate county, a cultural center with many ancient castles, towers and cathedrals. Among the brightest representatives, one can single out Dublin Castle, located in the heart of the city. Such a monumental building was in different eras, first fortifying the now historical part of the city, then the residence of kings, the building of courts and parliaments. Today it is still the place of solemn ceremonies dedicated to the official reception of the heads of other states and various foreign delegations. The castle has a medieval part and more modern extensions. Here, literally 200 meters away is the main temple of the city - the Cathedral of Christ. This is the oldest monumental building, which has become a museum that conveys the culture and flavor of Ireland to the fullest. No less popular among travelers is St. Patrick's Cathedral - the second largest cathedral and the main temple of the whole country. This is a unique place, because medieval coats of arms of the knights initiated in it still flaunt on the walls of the cathedral. The cathedral is a reflection of Irish culture, because this country always widely celebrates St. Patrick's Day. His name has acquired various interesting stories, the most famous tells about the expulsion of all snakes from Ireland by him. Many consider him a patron, because it was he who brought peace and Christianity to people. Not far from it is an art gallery and a beautiful park of the same name. Ireland is famous for its strong drinks, and in the western part of the city tourists are attracted by the unique Guinness Beer Museum, as much as 7 floors high. Almost next door here is another unique museum-distillery Jameson. Its name speaks for itself, so on such a tour you will definitely need to rent a minivan with a driver in Dublin. This format of a road trip will allow you to enjoy cozy tourist places in a small company of people. Popular tourist destinations also include museums, restaurants and shops. Of the latter, Stephen's Green and Brown Thomas are the most popular. The route combines walking and bus trips, which allows tourists to enjoy all the splendor and beauty of the city and its surroundings, which is very convenient for travelers with limited time.