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When planning a tourist trip to Denmark, forming a group, it is recommended to take the opportunity and book a bus in Copenhagen. An experienced carrier who has the entire package of documents (licenses, insurance) will provide a group of tourists with the opportunity to choose the right transport. The machine is selected depending on the size of the group, the tasks. In the fleet there are small minibuses (for 7 - 16 seats), buses accommodating from 20 to 80 people. All vehicles are in perfect condition, serviced in a timely manner, they are distinguished by increased comfort and safety. All bus companies in Copenhagen offer vehicles with professional drivers. A chartered bus will arrive at the right place exactly at the agreed time, take travelers to the airport, and travel along any tourist route. Customers are given the exclusive right to independently lay a route, add, cancel any destinations, plan stops. A moving vehicle will ensure a comfortable ride. The interior trim, the presence of ergonomic seats, allows you to adjust the height of the backrest, relax while traveling.

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Renting a bus with a driver in Copenhagen will be the best solution for moving a large tourist group who wants to relax together. Comfort for passengers will be ensured by the presence of good sound insulation of the cabin, the ability to turn on the heating in the cold season. For luggage transportation, luggage compartments are provided, so things do not need to be placed under the seats or in the aisle. When planning long and extended bus tours around Copenhagen, it is recommended to book transport in advance. In this case, a car with a driver will meet guests at the parking lot at the airport. Professional drivers have a long driving experience, are distinguished by accuracy, punctuality. They know how to work with large groups of tourists, they are attentive to the requests of customers. It is more profitable to order a spacious bus than a small taxi. Hourly bus rental will allow you to quickly move around the city without wasting time waiting for transport. Advance rental of a minivan with a driver in Copenhagen is possible after clarifying the details of the trip. The cost of the service depends on the requirements of customers, the capacity of transport. Traveling around the Danish kingdom will be unforgettable if you first think over the route, determine which sights are worth seeing. Denmark, located on the Cimbrian Peninsula, attracts tourists from all over the world. They are attracted by medieval legends, history, and many symbolic monuments. There are no impressive architectural complexes on the territory of the northern country. But tourists can look at the colored houses, the monument to the Little Mermaid from Anderson's fairy tales, take a walk along the embankments, and see the parks. There are a lot of places associated with warlike tribes - the Vikings, there are museums of the early history of the country. Bus tours around Copenhagen and its suburbs provide tourists with freedom of movement, allow them to independently develop convenient routes, make stops of any duration in the places they like. It is worth visiting the Faroe Islands, which are part of the kingdom. Incredible views open up there, untouched northern nature is amazing. Copenhagen itself combines amusement parks, fashion stores, nightclubs, museums. The theme park Tivoli Gardens will win the hearts of travelers with children. They will enjoy the well-known Star Flye rollercoaster ride. The easily recognizable sculpture of the Little Mermaid, located on the rock of the Langelinie embankment, has long become a local landmark. Guests of the city will like the Nyhavn embankment, where wooden schooners are still based. Painted houses rise along the sides of the canal. Andersen lived and worked in some of them, marked with signs. Visiting the National Museum, you can spend several hours there looking at artifacts dating back to the Viking era. It is recommended to visit the Christiansborg Palace, which currently houses the Supreme Court, Parliament, and the Office of the Prime Minister. Here, during the tour, guests are shown a hall that can accommodate 400 people, the Court Theater, and the Riding School. The round tower, built in 1642, strikes the imagination. Tourists are interested in the old spiral ramp, a modern miracle - a “floating” transparent glass floor that allows you to look into the heart of the building. The best time to visit these places is summer. It is in June-August that you should book a bus to travel around the capital of Denmark.