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Bern is a picturesque city located directly on the banks of the Aare River, which flows in the south of the Swiss plateau. Despite the fact that it is considered the capital of Switzerland and the official governing bodies are located here, this country does not have a single capital at all. But, bus tours around Bern are popular not because of its special status, but because everything is perfectly balanced in it. The beauty of the majestic Alps, picturesque landscapes, ancient streets, neat houses, churches striking in their scale and majesty, numerous modern museums and galleries create the feeling that this is an ideal city. And many are convinced that these feelings are true. Those who like calmness, regularity, the opportunity to take a break from the bustling life of megacities like to come here. If you have a city tour or need to arrange a transfer, you will need to rent a bus with a driver in Bern. Our company has different modifications and models of vehicles designed for a different number of seats. We can order the transportation of large groups of 20 to 80 people. If you need a smaller vehicle to transport from 7 to 16 people, you can rent a minivan with a driver in Bern, as well as a minibus. You can contact us both for organizing one trip and for renting a vehicle for a longer period. We provide reliable transfer and high-quality transportation of excursion groups.

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One of the popular destinations is the old town - the very heart of Bern. Exquisite fountains, arcades, many streets, a tower with an astronomical clock are worthy of the attention of every traveler. Walking at a leisurely pace, you can feel its atmosphere, plunge into history and admire the amazing architecture. No wonder this part of the city became a UNESCO heritage. Be sure every visitor tries as quickly as possible to look at the Federal Palace, where the government and parliament of Switzerland are located. Made in the Florentine Baroque style, it looks majestic. The dome of the building alone is able to surprise with its size, reaching 62 meters. The old town hall is no less interesting. Animals and mythological heroes are depicted on its facades, and there is an astronomical clock on the tower. Booking a bus in Bern is also worth it for those who want to see as many fountains as possible, of which there are more than 100 in the city! In the central part of most of them there are figures that can be viewed endlessly. It is also striking that each fountain, although decorated in an individual style, has a common theme in all of them. No need to spare time to look at the Zytglogge tower with its astronomical clock. Being one of the main attractions of the city, it has a long and unique history. In addition, the unique architecture, made using baroque elements, delights with the bell tower decorated with figurines of mythical creatures and angels. Climbing it is worth at least to admire the panorama of the Old Town. Bus companies in Bern offer transport rental for tourist trips, the program of which often includes visits to religious buildings, which are also numerous here. The Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul was built in the Gothic style and using Romanesque elements. It is worth getting inside in order to view the interiors of the building and hear the organ playing. No less amazing is the Bern Cathedral, the bell tower of which rises 100 meters high, and the bell itself has a diameter of 2.5 meters. You should find time and go to the churches of Niedegkirche and the Holy Spirit. But, Bern is famous not only for ancient buildings, but also for numerous museums. You can get acquainted with the history of the city in the Historical Museum, join the beauty in the Museum of Fine Arts, discover the biography and achievements of Albert Einstein in the house-museum dedicated to the brilliant physicist. Museums of communication and natural history, the picturesque Botanical Garden, Gurten and Bear Pit parks are also popular among tourists. Hourly bus rental of our company will allow you to travel around all the iconic sights and interesting places of the charming Swiss town in comfort. We take care of all the troubles associated with transportation, and you just have to enjoy the trip.